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Set List

On Line Metronome, Java Metronome, Weird Metronome

Suspicious Minds - made famous by The King

Link love for Ray Red No Woman No Cry - nicely done.  Beatles - I've just seen a face.

Woodsongs Archives.

Harmonica Page


Robert Burns - A man's a man for all that.  Wee Scottish Lassie sings as sweet as can be.

A dying cubs fan's last request - Steve Goodman

Turkey in the Straw.  sheet music

Freight Train

Brad Davis - Nashville flat pick - lesson page, or main lesson page

Old Crow Medicine Show from OCMS:  Wagon Wheel, We're All in This Together, CC Rider.

My guitar = Alvarez RD8 = 6 string acoustic with steel strings.  Purchased 10/02/06.  I spent $318.03 - the package included a hard case, few picks, acoustic guitar primer by Bert Casey with CD, brand new strings and a spare set of strings, digital tuner with battery, strap, wipe cloth, and 1 free private lesson.

Search for sheet music - Aurora Public Library Plan C, database of (nearly) every library in the world. 21277005450399.  Sharon Lantz at UNC Music Library 970-351-2244 or main desk at the music library = 970-351-2439.

Acoustic Music Revival - my salesman = Jon Steidemann.  My free lesson = Mel Scott.

My Teacher - Mark Hutchinson.  Index of other teachers.

Dan Cross - About Guitar

Singing/Vocal - Match Pitch Software.  Singing for Dummies, available at the Aurora Public Library.  Pamelia S Phillips, DMA.  New York University.

Flash Guitar / scales

Guitar Noise

Harmony Central

Songs / the plan

Arpeggio, midi file example (on piano?), cyberfret, gjermundsen

Classical Guitar:

Inspiration - fast and flexible

More Inspiration - does not sing, but is very beautiful - makes the guitar sing.  Martha My Dear.

Power Horn

Wish List

Resources - Directory, Guitar Dreamz, Guitarz, Heartwood and the Seattle Blog.  Guitar Tips Blog.

Bruce Emery - series of books, Skeptical Guitarist (music theory) and Guitar from Scratch - (in practice).  Buy the books at Elderly.

My first goal:  within 1 month (by 11/24/06) be able to play this song as good as this artist.  Reference:  Source story, Coffee Shop Index, First Cut is the Deepest Video, Tablature.

More Inspiration/Goal - cover of Shameless by Garth Brooks, this is something I could shoot for.

Swallow Hill

Richard Lloyd - lessons from the very beginning - Pythagoras.

Guitar Center Music Foundation

Monte Montgomery - Little Wing - amazing display.  The original from Hendrix - no video but you can hear the song.  Stevie Ray Vauhn cover.  More inspiration from LJ.

Air Tap - another unique style.  Erik Mongrain.

Antoine Dufour

Tommy Emmanuel - Day TripperClassical Gas - great music, not the best camera angle.  Better camera work on this one.  Another.  My favorite.  A great video by a student.  Tommy includes a riff from the 1960's song by the Ventures - Walk Don't Run.  Classical Gas on the violin, Vanessa Mae.  Donn McLaughlin - classical guitar - this guy is very good.  This carries the tag "awesome" - well deserved.  Angelina.

Woodsongs Radio - find the archives, show # 349, has a high quality video/audio of Tommy Emmanuel Classical Gas (about minute 47, and Angelina after the end of the show, at minute 1hr, 8 minute).  It's worth sticking around to hear the encore.

4 hand guitar - just when you think you have seen it all, along comes something you have never seen before - this must be seen (as opposed to heard)

Eric Johnson - flat pick

Trace Bundy - I want it that way. Tab.  A video of a beginner - about my speed (maybe).  Another beginner - worseGarage Band.  Duet with Clapton like solo.

John Batdorf - Home Again

Forum - Acoustic Guitar

Clapton Layla - live, watch the jump at the start, acoustic, lesson thank you very much,  another lesson - complete with sheet music video audio the whole she-bang, 

You're Beautiful - James Blunt.  This is what I call The Blues.  I love the guitar in this song - I think it's a beautiful song.  I can aspire to (someday) play this guitar, but I am never going to get any where near the vocal.

Washington Square - Village Stompers.  The story.

Billy Joe Shaver

Wake Me, Shake Me - by the Myddle Class.  I grew up in New Jersey, and this song was the big hit from THE local band.  It's been since 1965 or so - roughly 40 years, so my memory is a little fuzzy on the details.  But after all these years, I still remembered this song.  You know, you get a tune in your head, and it's like an itch that you need to scratch.  Special thanks to Chris Bishop and Jim Witty for helping me track [no pun intended] down this song.

Berkley song index with auto key transpose

Montana fiddle camp

Harmonica pamphlet

Guitar Lesson sites

  1. xx
  2. xx
  3. xx
  4. The Next Level - San Diego / home / forum
    David Taub, Tim Gilberg
    2033 san elijo ave suite 254, cardiff, california 92007
  5. Joe Cefalu - Shred Academy
  6. x - not free
  7. Justin Sandercoe Justin Guitar
  9. Spam - big list of helpful info.  Ad Aware - has some reviews - questionable if they are objective or not.
  10. Stainmeister / Hmong / Sounders
  11. Josh Zee (this is good) / Mother Truckers / Country Lee guitar
  12. Brian Setzer - Rockabilly pick (so-so) / another - hybrid picking (better)


Tweak - including guitar, how to write a song,


Song Ramp Music Community, just thought it was over, pickinhotlix

The craft and business of songwriting by John Braheny

Lingo of the Web 2.0: drupal, Bindows, long tail.  Buzzwords?

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