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Real Estate Business Cards

Examples / Research / Recommendations:

Recommended by boing boing - Moo get 10 free.  My all time favorite business card - Cory Doctorow.

We Print Color - This is a very focused (short and sweet) discussion of business cards with helpful suggestions.  Includes a 3 step thought process on the first impression and a four step process on "selling".  I like the fact you can get the meat of what he has to say in 2 minutes.  I also suggest you find the "Real Estate" button on the left side of the screen - and spend some time looking at the good examples of real estate business cards.

Step & Repeat - The advice I needed when doing my business card on Photoshop.

All Graphic Design - this is a list of links to many high quality articles and a few duds.  I found Will Harris on this list.

Will Harris - I like what this guy has done and I like what he has to say.  The 3rd example down from the top is a wonderful real estate agent business card - with an impressive testimonial.  I did a search and found the/a Rick Karvasales real estate Website.  Apparently Rick is a singer too.  My conclusion - I would not got to Will Harris for a recommendation/referral on a real estate agent.  However, if I was going to pay someone to design my business card - I would call Will Harris first.  I have not talked to either one of these guys, if anyone has any feedback (positive or negative) - please send me an email and let me know what your experience was like.

Business Card Collectors

Professor Print, lots of samples of real estate business cards

Thinking outside the box - they call it jolt.

A real estate business card from 1897

Scoble on Business Card best practice.

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