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Camera Specs


When I look at reviews and recommendations of digital cameras, the first thing I look for is a date.  Things change rapidly.  Good advice in 2002 might be bad advice in 2006.

I have never taken a picture with my cell phone.  If anyone out there is using a cell phone for MLS photos, please send me an email with your comments.  Does it work OK for you?

My camera is an important tool for my job.  When I needed a new camera in 2002, I did a lot of research.  I use a 2 step process:

  1. Pick the best camera - best for my needs
  2. Find the best deal on that camera

It does me no good to get a great bargain on the wrong camera.

My research led me to buy a Kodak LS 443 with dock.

I had one problem with the camera in 2004, and for me that is one too many.  But - Kodak did a good job of getting the problem fixed.  I had to send them the camera, and got it back in about 10 days.  Even though the camera was out of warranty, they only charged me enough to cover the shipping, about $20.

A critical part of my selection criteria was the dock.  The reason I needed to buy a new camera in 2002 was that my old camera (Kodak DC10) had broken.  It was frustrating because the only problem was a cheap plastic battery tray.  I used rechargeable batteries which had to be removed and inserted every day.  Over time, the battery tray wore out.

Because of this experience, I really like the Kodak dock.  With my LS 443, after a photo shoot, I put the camera on the dock.  This allows me to transfer the photos from the camera to the computer quickly and easily - one touch transfer.  But even more important, the battery is recharged automatically.  I never have to fool with the battery.  Because this is an idiot proof system, it works well for me.


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