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Dueling Crop

Photoshop v. Kodak

Begin by looking at the un-edited image - straight out of the camera.
Image Size = 1,800 x 1,200 pixels
File Size = 783 KB

This is an exercise in crop - and a comparison to see if the added capability of Photoshop translates to a noticeable difference in the finished product.  Look at the pictures and see if you notice a difference, and then see my comments/analysis below.

No Crop
Resized by Kodak
450 x 299 pixels
File Size = 59 KB

No Crop

Kodak Crop
File Reduction 50%
633 x 421 pixels
Aspect Ratio  4 x 6 = 1.50:1
File Size = 104 KB

Kodak Crop

Photoshop Crop
Crop at an Angle
File Reduction = "low"
448 x 290 pixels
Aspect = 1.54:1
File Size = 47 KB

Photoshop Crop

My Analysis:

I did not "set up" or stage this particular issue.  This happens to me all the time.  I want the roof line and the top of the garage to be perfectly level (horizontal).  Despite my best effort to hold the camera level - my un-edited image is at a slight angle.  The house looks to be slightly tilted.

With the Kodak software, I have no option to fix this problem.  With Photoshop - it is an easy fix.  As an editor I really like this option.

Does this translate to a noticeable difference?  My best guess - on a printed listing no one would ever notice the difference.  On a computer screen, it might have a slight (sub-conscious?) effect on the "market appeal" of the photo.  What do you think?  Do you see the difference?  Does it matter to you?

The most significant effect it would have on me (as the photographer) is - I want to relax when I snap the photo.  If your software does not allow you to crop at an angle it means:

  1. Consciously try to hold the camera level - especially the straight on shot
  2. Get in the habit of taking 3 pictures - bracket the horizontal angle

This is one of those small minor things that sometimes matter but is not worth losing sleep over.


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