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Dark MLS Photo

Exposure Metering

MLS List # 294987
Sky looks good --
House is too dark

Dark House

My photo of the same house

Center weight exposure makes the house look better.

Correct Exposure

Which house has superior market appeal?  Of course it is the same house in both photos.  Which picture has superior market appeal?

Analysis:  The top photo is from the MLS listing.  Compare the 2 photos side by side to demonstrate the importance of proper exposure setting on the camera.  Top photo - the sky looks good but the house is too dark.  My photo (bottom) uses the center weighted exposure setting - the sky is too light but the house looks good.

Other problem noted with the MLS photo - not cropped to best advantage.  This property curb appeal is hurt by the house number on the mail box.

My photo full size file, 869 KB, 1200 x 1800 pixels

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