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Final Exam

Congratulations !!  You have made it to the final exam.  If you pass the exam, your name and business contact info will be added to the distinguished alumni list.

Anyone can take the exam, you do not need to be a real estate agent.  The only requirement is to take a digital picture of a house (it can be any house), and submit the picture via email.  If you don't have a camera or don't want to submit one of your photos, you can submit any MLS photo with a brief analysis of what you like and what you don't like about the photo.

Your submission must include 1 (only one) digital photograph properly sized for your MLS.  You may optionally submit a scanned image of your business card.  Please include the following information:

Photo date, address of property, MLS # (if applicable).

Your name, business address, business telephone number, your website URL, your email address.

For your convenience, follow this example:

Send your email to:

Subject: Final Exam Submission

Attach:  Digital Photo:

Body of the email:

Dear MLS Photograph,
Thanks for providing this helpful Website.  I learned a lot and expect to produce better MLS photos as a result.  Here is the info about me and about my photo:

Digital Photo info:
Massachusetts MLS # 987654, 2 John Wise Ave, Essex, MA. April 03, Kodak LS 443.

About me:
Anna Heemeyer / /
ReMax North Shore
6 John Wise Ave
Essex, MA  01929

Analysis:  I like the color of the house - it creates a positive first impression.  This picture tells a good story about an interesting house with lots of character.

Please add my name to the list of distinguished graduates.  Because of the great success generating referrals, news of this graduate list is spreading like wildfire.  I heard a rumor there is going to be a cut-off on the list.  I hope to get my name on the list before the cut-off.

Best regards,

ps - I have also enclosed a scanned image of my business card for the business card page.


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