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Picture Size Specs

Denver MLS

The key bit of information is the specification for the image size and therefore file size to be submitted to your MLS.  If you're not in Denver, you need to find out the picture size specs for your area.

Denver MLS Photo File Specs
448 x 290 pixels for an aspect ratio of 1.5448:1

Any file submitted at a different size and/or shape is changed by MLS to conform to the specification.  For example -  if you submit a file that is 500 x 300 pixels, MLS will alter (re-size) the file and change it to 448 x 290 pixels.  It's not that they do a terrible job (they don't), but it is better if you submit a file that needs no changes.

MLS Photographs
Display SizePixelsAspect
Large - No Map / example 387 x 234 1.65:1 5.13  x  3.25
Medium - With Map / example 325 x 196 1.66:1 4.38  x  2.63
Small - Pg 2 / example 250 x 150 1.67:1 3.38  x  2.00

It's not important for a real estate agent to know or even care about the specs in the above table - they are provided as a reference.  There are 3 different display sizes in MLS depending on the page/version of the listing.  The "inches" column is the approximate size on the computer monitor.  The printed size is smaller - medium size print is 3.5 x 2.0 inches (same as a business card).

All of these different display sizes come from the same (one) file.  In this case, the file name is 282017a.  This image file is 448 x 290 pixels - 17 KB.

Notice that the aspect ratio of the file (1.5448:1) is slightly different than the aspect ratio of the displayed image (1.66:1).  This means the images are slightly distorted to fit in a different shape container on the computer screen.  There is nothing you can do about this, so don't worry about it.

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