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Head to Head

Pick the Best

#1)  November, 2005


#2)  August, 2004


#3)  August, 2003


Which house do you like best?  Of course it is the same house.  Which picture has the best market appeal?  Check out the MLS listing history.  Are you surprised?

In my opinion, this little exercise doesn't prove anything.  But it does tend to confirm that a good MLS photograph is an important part of a successful listing.  The photograph does make a difference.  What do you think?  Please send me an email - I would very much like to have the benefit of your opinion.

Technical/Artistic notes:  The digital file of photograph #3 is the wrong size - 400 x 242 pixels.  The correct size for Denver MLS is 448 x 290.  The most likely explanation is the photographer re-sized the photo to "best for web" - which usually sizes an image to a "standard" 400 pixel on the longest dimension.  As you can see, the 400 x 242 size produces an acceptable result.  However, this image needs to be expanded to fill up a 448 x 290 container, and therefore, the image is not quite as sharp as it could/should be.  My conclusion:  Green grass is more attractive than a driveway.  Where you stand when you snap the picture does make a difference.  Refer to the 3 angles diagram.  Artistic considerations (in this case the green grass and where the photographer stood) are often more important than the technical considerations (pixel resize dimensions).


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