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MLS Photography
for Real Estate Agents
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Web Research


A good place to start is the Wikipedia Encyclopedia.  This is a good reference document that explains the basics.

Any list of links about photography needs to begin with flickr.  This site is all about images, not really  about the details of how to take a picture, and not really about real estate.  There are 1,000's of high quality pictures, you can learn a great deal about photography by surfing around this Website.

Digicam - A more technical approach.  Includes tips and recommendations about technique and equipment.  This site is authored by a former real estate agent.

Photoshop - editing software

Photoshop Master. Step-by-step video tutorials (04/29/06)

Sams Book - Teach Yourself Adobe Photoshop CS in 24 Hours by Carla Rose

Kodak / Easy Share - low tech photo editing software. 1-800-235-6325 x12

Hewlett Packard (HP) - real estate photography.
HP Tutorial

Phil Hoover, a real estate agent in Boise, has used digital photography technologies to create a powerful competitive advantage over his competitors. "Despite being a relative newcomer to the Boise market, I have built a deep level of name recognition," says Hoover. "I recently had a seller who called all seven offices in our region to find me and list his home with me."

Real Estate Signs

Splendid Source Staging:  "A recent study showed that one of the 4 top reasons a home does not sell is due to a poor MLS photograph".

Understanding Resolution

Virtual Imaging - the subcontractor takes Denver MLS photo for $7.  I called the telephone number Tues 01/3106 at 10am - selected MLS Dept on the phone menu - on hold for 20 minutes and never did get to speak with anyone.

Realty Times article on "photo lazy agents"

Article about Virtual Tours
DMOZ directory - Virtual Tours

Photo Stitching - I recommend you do not use this - but if you want to stay informed about your options, read this article.  Examples of interior shots stitched together.

Ken Rockwell - this page is about interior photos.  For those who want techno-geek, this site is for you.  There are some interesting examples - in particular using a polarizing technique to make the sky look better.  List of reference books.

Popular Photography "how to" article.  This is too techno-geek, but it may give you some good ideas.  The sub-head "In real estate, a great picture can be worth thousand$"

Digital Photography for Realtors - Class on a CD - I don't know if this is any good.  If you try it let me know how it works out.  He does give an example of good photo / bad photo.

Ulead Software - inexpensive ($30) and comes with a good recommendation - I have not used it.  I wonder if it will crop at an angle.

Digital Photography Review

A short course in choosing a digital camera - good reference.  It includes a glossary.

Deal Time - on-line shopping for digital cameras

Imaging Resource - on-line shopping for digital cameras

Aslan Photos

Attention real estate agents - if you are interested in building your own website, I recommend you take a look at 100-best-free-webspace.   This site is a good introduction of what you need to know to get started.  There are many free options available.  Lots of good advice here.

Attention real estate agents.  If you want a first class Website - including the Internet marketing - and want to pay someone to make it happen -- I recommend Real Estate Webmasters.  You can check out some samples:

Splash Photo for your PDA

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