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Privacy Policy

This policy applies to this Website -  This Website contains many links to other Websites.  I have no reason to think there is anything wrong with any of the linked sites, but I cannot vouch for any of them.

This is a low tech website.  There is nothing to buy, there is no advertising, there is no sign-up and there is no password required.

Everything on this Website is my opinion, take it for what itís worth.  Donít jump to conclusions.  Donít believe everything you read on the Internet.  Do your own due diligence.

I have access to a basic statistical package provided by the hosting service.  This statistical software package tracks number of hits, unique visits, and other generic statistical data.  This information is used to judge the popularity (or lack thereof) of the content, and to improve the quality of the visitors online experience.

This Website does not generate cookies.  There are no cookies on this website.  There are no Web beacons on this website.

There are scanned images of many business cards posted on this Website.  This is intended to provide some free favorable publicity and Internet exposure.  If anyone wishes to have their name, business card, and/or any other information removed from the site, a simple email request will be promptly and discretely honored.  None of this information is sold or rented to any third party.

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