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Top 5 MLS Photos

Great color.  Crop and composition are both good.  Do you see the (nearly invisible) sign just to the left of the driveway?

MLS listing #300637
by Art Ryan

11410 E Evans

Everything about this property was first class, including the MLS photo.

MLS listing #259566
by Jim Holmes


This property sold for top dollar.  Was it the picture?  My guess:  a really good listing agent worked some magic on this transaction.  This photo didn't hurt.  Notice the 2 decorative spiral bushes in the driveway?

MLS listing #282017
by: Susan Brasel


In head to head comparison, this photo beat out 2 others - and the sales history demonstrates the importance of a good MLS photograph.

MLS listing #861654
by: Ingrid Glancy, CRS


photo 5

5th photo

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