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Worst 5 MLS Photos

5 Examples of what not to do

This is the all time worst --
a bad photo is better than no photo

No Photo Massachusetts

Another No Photo

Nothin' Much

Trash can (overflowing), tree, car, "House For Sale" sign, "No Parking" sign,  - and somewhere behind all that clutter is a house.  Did I mention the trash can?

MLS listing #301088

trash can

"For Rent" sign in the window and empty beer can on the sidewalk

MLS listing #153766

for rent sign

Exposure is way too dark.  Too much sky and not enough house in this photo.  Move the camera closer to the house.

MLS listing #227929

dark photo

This photo needs to be cropped.  This photo makes a very small house look even smaller.

MLS listing #198779

crop for size

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