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Website Description:  Free online tutorial teaches low tech method to produce high quality MLS digital photographs and more effective real estate listings.

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Page Title: Spider Food

Page Purpose:  A Webmaster collaboration (Wiki) for the purpose of mutual SEO and Website promotion.

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Web 2.0

From O'Reilly

...companies are now pasting it on as a marketing buzzword, with no real understanding of just what it means

Spider Food (this Webpage) is a shameless attempt to do exactly that - "paste on" the phrase "Web 2.0" as a marketing buzzword.

More Web 2.0:

Check out the setup of premium links page -- nothing but a bunch of links -- right?

Lingo of the Web 2.0: drupal, Bindows, long tail.  Buzzwords?  Perhaps we should be using these as anchor text?

Better Linki-Wiki Text:

The linki-wiki text is written by 30 different authors.  Remember the context -- you write the text but it appears on my Website.  Better to write in the 3rd person.  Don't sell your product, sell your Website.

Wrong: "We stock over 1000 items.."

Right: "Jewelry superstore with online catalogue of 1,000 items..."

It's fine to use your target keywords, but don't get carried away and don't repeat anything.

Suggested HTML Code:  Because of my concerns about duplicate content, please feel free to change the suggested text.  For those who prefer to simply edit/copy/paste - use this text:

<p><a href="http://www.mlsphotograph.com/">MLS Photograph</a> - Free online <a href="http://www.mlsphotograph.com/20min.htm">tutorial</a>, <a href="http://www.mlsphotograph.com/links.htm">research</a>, <a href="http://www.mlsphotograph.com/coop.htm">spider food</a>, and <a href="http://www.mlsphotograph.com/file_size_specs.htm">technical advice</a> for the real estate agent.&nbsp; Lots of real life examples, including the famous &quot;<a href="http://www.mlsphotograph.com/small/010955_x.jpg">good picture</a> of a bad house&quot;.&nbsp; Submit a <a href="http://www.mlsphotograph.com/bus_cards.htm">business card</a>.</p>

to produce this link:

MLS Photograph - Free online tutorial, research, spider food, and technical advice for the real estate agent.  Lots of real life examples, including the famous "good picture of a bad house".  Submit a business card.

This link text includes a link to the home page and also to this page.  By increasing the visibility of this page, we increase the value of all the reciprocal links.

Website SEO Details:  As of 4/30/06 - The home page for this Website (MLS Photography) has a Google Page rank of 4/10. All of the other pages have a Page Rank of zero.  To the best of my knowledge, there is no sandbox or Google penalty of any kind, and I will actively and continually work at keeping it that way.

Take a few minutes and look around the Website, you will see a lot of fresh, original, high quality content.  The target audience is the working real estate agent - or anyone who wants to produce a high quality digital photograph of a house (FSBO seller for example).  Nearly every real estate agent I talk with agrees there is a lot of good quality photos in the MLS, but there is also a lot of room for improvement.  See the business card page for a representative sample of local real estate agents.

My goal is to achieve (by June 1, 2006) a Page Rank 4 for this page and the business card page, and a 7 for the tutorial page.

06/21/06 - I have a complaint about Link Metro.  They make it easy to sign up, but there is no way to quit.  Now I understand why most of my requests for links got no response.

I have concluded that reciprocal links with automated link farms are not a good idea.  Therefore, I have removed most of the links from this page.

Rant:  I am continually amazed at the poor spelling and grammar in the suggested text provided by other Webmasters.  One website was located in atlanta [sic] - with a small "a".  When I checked out his website, sure enough, there were many noticeable errors.  I don't like to complain about typos because I make them too.  If someone finds an error of mine, please let me know (email) so I can correct it.


On-Page SEO Details: This is not an automated link farm.  The rules, procedures, and content on this page are not set in stone - rather this is an evolving process.  I am open to suggestions or (email) feedback.

This page is limited to (about) 30 links.  I am more interested in quality than quantity.

This page is manually operated -- just like the scoreboard at the base of the Green Monster in Fenway Park.  Every Website gets reviewed by me before I add it to this page.

I will not link to gambling, adult, pharmacy, or anything that I see as possible scam or spam or bad taste.

This entire Website (except this page) is optimized for the human eyeball.  This page is optimized for the cyber spider creepy crawler.  This page is brought to you in Tidy Code (tm).

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